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Free Bets and Two Massive Longshot Winners

This is going to be a little different from what I've been writing. I won't be giving any advice here, rather I will be taking a look at how I'm doing up to this point. Oh, and I may mention the two monster odds bets that I helped you win a boatload of money on.

I'm tentative to throw futures out there. They're so easy to lose. A player can get injured, a team can simply be outmatched in a way you weren't expecting. Look at what's happening to the Pacers and the Thunder right now. I was on both of those teams, and wow do they look terrible so far.

But this isn't about the bad. This is about the good.

If you've been following along with me since the beginning, then right now you are absolutely cleaning up. My current record is 53-34, a 61% win percentage, which is absolutely incredible. Sure, some of those winners were easy. We had some simple bets on series winners in the NHL playoffs. The Knights, the Avalanche, and the Lightning hardly surprised anyone, but what about the Islanders at +150? Or the fact that I'm guaranteed a win from the Canucks at +165 or that series going over 6.5 games at +205? And hey, I could still hit both.

When you bet the easy ones, you may lose a few with huge juice and feel terrible about it for a little bit, but ultimately you'll win more than you lose. That's the key to betting after all. Winning. Plus, I've barely made any heavy-favorite bets. The only time I take anything that is -200 or more is when it's picking a series winner. And for the few favorites I have taken, my record in typical -110 bets is still great. And in underdog bets (with odds +100 or greater), I'm currently 12-8.


That's 60 percent on plays that return more than you have to bet. And that includes two absolute monsters.

Last night, the Dallas Stars fell behind 3-0 less than six minutes into the game, and I sat there devastated realizing that I was going to drop to just 2-5 in NHL series prop bets. And then a miracle happened. The Stars turned it on and absolutely eviscerated the Flames for the rest of the game en route to wrapping up the series 4-2. Who saw that coming? I did. That's who.

If you followed along with my free (free!) (FREE!) bets and placed every single one that I have told you to on this website, you are a very happy gambler right now. My NHL predictions post currently only has 72 views. That's a shame. If it had more, a lot more people would be happily examining their bankroll. Here's the link: https://www.betonphilwood.com/post/stanley-cup-nhl-playoffs-sports-betting-advice

I'm not trying to be obnoxious about this. Some of you may be saying, well you're getting lucky. And maybe I am. But I'm also thinking these bets through before I throw them out. Sometimes I completely miss. The Hurricanes were no match for the Bruins, and as I said earlier, the Pacers and Thunder look absolutely outmatched. But most of the bets I placed on the NHL playoffs were at least close. That's a big deal. A +525 winner is a huge deal. Some bettors don't hit that unless they throw together a four-game parlay or bigger. I just gave you a series result.

Add to that, that I started this entire blog with the prediction that the Blazers would be the 8-seed at +400. That is no joke either. On this website, I am 19 bets above .500 not even 100 bets in and have hit two bets that equal out to +925. If you bet $100 each on just those two bets, you're up nearly $1000 right now. On just two bets. And did I mention I'm 19 bets above .500?


If you know someone who would like to see these types of wins hit their bankroll, please pass my website along to them.

Maybe you think I'm being arrogant, and I admit I am. Betting is a fickle business. On my podcast for TRHS Sports YouTube channel, I am 55-45 through my first 100 bets after starting 8-2. That's still a great return on investment, but from where I started to where I am, it is a leveling out.

But so far there has been no leveling out over here, and to be frank, if no one else is going to promote me, I have to promote myself. That's the unfortunate way this works. If you follow my Survivor podcast, you know I hate social media. I hate sending out tweets and posting on Facebook or Instagram. I personally assume that most people don't care, because I don't really care about most of the things that other people send out onto the interwebs. But to build any type of audience here, I need to be a little arrogant. I need to promote myself. Because if I don't, then who is going to?

So if you're reading my posts, and you're loving every second of it, even if you're loving only a few seconds of it, but you feel that my reasoning is sound, and you're seeing the results in your bankroll, then please spread the word. Let people know that there is someone out there who is winning more than they're losing. Maybe they'll come in and cool me off, it happens to even the best bettors, but what I can't help but stress right now is that I am not charging a dime.

Think about that. Reread it.

I'm not charging a dime.

A lot of people charge for just one single pick and there is no guarantee that the bet will hit. Maybe I'll be at that point one day, but right now, you could be cleaning up on +400 and +525 bets, and you're getting the reads and information for free. If nothing else deserves to be shared with the world, I think that fact should be.

This is likely the only time I'll ever do something like this. Hopefully, I didn't turn any of you off. And if I did, just remember, not reading this blog isn't just going to hurt me, it's going to hurt your bankroll.

Please feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr and continue to support my podcast "On The Card" on the TRHS Sports YouTube channel.


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