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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (8/22)

I went against the grain and wouldn't you know it, it didn't work. I went 0-2 (the Flyers pushed), just like many thought I would. What a frustrating day. I don't think they were bad bets but the results undeniably were.

Don't even get me started on the 76ers. Way to execute a plan to perfection for 46 minutes and then play like absolute garbage when it matters most. That bet should have been a winner. It was 100% the right read. A lot of lucky bettors are counting their winnings. They're also the people who probably put money on the Blazers to win the series over the Lakers after game 1.

The Nets bet looks so much worse than it really was. I swear. They had so many wide-open shots. SO MANY. At least 10 in the first half, and they missed every. single. one. It was one of the most inept offensive performances I have seen in a very long time. Yes, the Raptors defense was solid, but they weren't that good. The Nets shot an absolutely abysmal 34% in the first half. Luwawu-Cabarrot missed eight threes in the first half. We move on.

The Flyers and the Canadiens decided that they're now offensive powerhouses, but somehow, someway, we managed a push. And at least the Flyers got the win, so we mark down their series as a winner. That's about the only good news from today though. As I said earlier: we move on.

Closed Bets:

Dallas Stars (-136) (W)

Stars in 6 (+525) (W)

Philadelphia Flyers (-240) (W)

76ers +5 (L)

Nets first half over 52.5 points (L)

MIL/ORL under 4.5 games (-121) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 54-37 (12-8)

NBA 23-17 (2-1)

MLB 8-5 (1-1)

NHL 20-11 (8-5)

MLS 3-4 (1-1)

NHL Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 6-1

Props: 3-4

Vancouver Canucks (+165)

Series over 6.5 games (+205) - Canucks lead 3-2

NBA Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 0-0

Props: 0-1

Bucks (-10000) - Series tied 1-1 (No bet, but keeping track for series winners) Raptors (-5000) (No bet, but keeping track for series winners)

Raptors 4-1 (+170) - Raptors lead 3-0

Celtics (-360)

Celtics 4-1 (+300) - Celtics lead 3-0

Pacers (+250)

Over 5.5 games (-129) - Heat lead 2-0

Lakers (-420)

Lakers 4-1 (+240) - Series tied 1-1

Clippers (-530)

Clippers -2.5 games (+120) - Series tied 1-1

Nuggets (-278)

Nuggets 4-2 (+350) - Jazz lead 2-1

Thunder (+120)

Thunder 4-3 (+500) - Rockets lead 2-0

NHL Series Lines

It's time to get back to it. The Stars and the Avalanche are set to get underway tomorrow, which means it's time for me to take a side on the series and predict what I think the best bet for a series prop is.

The Avs absolutely dominated the Coyotes. They won the series 4-1 and won the last two games by final scores of 7-1. That's not a typo. They won back to back games 7-1. The Stars are no slouch either. They took a serious punch from the Flames, but they withstood it and won the last three games of the series to wrap it up 4-2. The Stars offense was dead for the early part of the bubble, but it really came to life in game 6 when they scored seven straight goals after falling behind 3-0 in the first six minutes.

The Stars are good, but the Avs are my team right now. I like them to hoist the Stanely Cup, so it only makes sense that I like them to knock off a Stars team that is definitely a tier beneath them.

BET: Colorado Avalanche (-215)

How close do I expect the series to be? I'm honestly not sure. I think the Avs could feasibly sweep this team. They look incredible right now, and it seems that their offensive woes have disappeared. If they play the way they did in the last two games against the Coyotes, there is no way the Stars are playing with them. However, I also think the Stars are starting to click right now. Therefore, I'm going to play it a little safe and assume this series won't go seven. I like the Avs to win, and could see them winning 4-0, 4-1, or 4-2. Therefore, I won't take an exact series line but will instead take a small series spread.

BET: Colorado Avalance -1.5 games (-106)

Oh, and just to hammer home that I like the Avs, I'm taking them in game one. The number is actually a good one for a team that I like a lot.

BET: Colorado Avalanche (-162)

Phil, could you please win an NBA bet?

I'm trying. I really am. It has been a terrible start to the playoffs. There's something about the bubble that is starting to lose its luster. I'm not into it anymore, but more importantly, I don't think a lot of the players are into it anymore. That's a serious problem. Not for me, but for the NBA. Aside from the 76ers, the teams that are less talented are getting decimated. They don't want to be here anymore. Therefore, today I'm not taking any sides, I'm taking totals.

The Bucks got their revenge after game 1 and absolutely dominated the Magic from start to finish. The Magic certainly helped bring the final score down, but I also think that the Bucks offense, which was dominant in the first half, is going to slow down a bit in this game. Even if they do, they will still likely end around 111 points. The Magic defense is actually pretty good all things considered. I figure that the Bucks will dominate again, and even if they score 116, I don't expect the Magic to come anywhere near 110.

BET: MIL/ORL under 226.5

Next, I'm going to take a look at the Thunder and the Rockets. I've been impressed with the Rockets defense this series, but I like the Thunder to get things right in this game. Am I confident they're going to win? Absolutely not. I learned my lesson after my awful day today. But I do like the Thunder to make adjustments and find a way to score in this game. The total number has dropped drastically from games one and two. That excites me. I'll take the smaller number and watch these two teams go over.

BET: HOU/OKC over 224


I rarely make MLB bets on this website, but when I see the name Matthew Boyd, my ears perk up and I get ready to fade the man. He's a really bad pitcher. Like really bad. He has a 9.64 ERA, yet I still get to see his name on my ticket every fifth day because of this crazy, crazy season. I have bet against him every single time he has pitched, and I have not lost yet. Therefore, I'm going to go ahead and give you two bets for this game. One is heavy on juice, the other isn't. Both bets are because Matthew Boyd is bad.

BET: Cleveland Indians F5 (-157)

BET: Cleveland Indians -1.5 (+105)


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