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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (8/25)

Today was a PHENOMENAL day. Yes, we're going to see a few L's in the closed bets section, but all of the losses were futures bets. I'm doing awful on NBA series props which is really killing my NBA record. Take it with a grain of salt. If you look at my record without the 0-6 record on series props, I'm 26-18. That's a really good record. Unfortunately, I just had the wrong read on how a lot of series would go. Hopefully, the Thunder continue their hot play and maybe the Lakers can pull off the unthinkable and beat the Blazers four straight times to give us a respectable record just below .500 across props and series winners heading into round two.

But again today was a PHENOMENAL day! The Cleveland/Minnesota F5 under was never in doubt and was a nice minor underdog for us to take home. The Flyers offense was terrible, though it'd be nice if they never pull their goalie with eight minutes left ever again. No one needed that. Neither did my blood pressure. But it was a win.

And then we have the Avs and Stars who had one of the most exciting second periods in a long time. Five goals in the period gave us an easy over 5.5 goal winner, which capped off an outstanding 3-0 day!

If you too had a good day and you want to show appreciation for the man who helped you get there, I've added a donate button to my sports betting page. I expect nothing, but if you're doing well with bets thus far, don't be shy.

Again, it's just an option. I won't dislike you if you don't send anything. Maybe if I have another day like today tomorrow, that button will be a little more enticing.

Here's where we stand:

Closed Bets:

PHI/NYI under 5 goals (W)

CLE/MIN F5 under 4.5 runs (+100) (W)

COL/DAL over 5.5 goals (W)

Nuggets 4-2 (+350) (L)

Pacers (+250) (L)

Over 5.5 games (-129) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 62-47 (14-12)

NBA 26-24 (2-4)

MLB 10-6 (3-1)

NHL 23-13 (9-6)

MLS 3-4 (1-1)

Notable: 58-42 in first 100 bets

NHL Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 7-1

Props: 3-5

Colorado Avalanche (-215)

Colorado Avalance -1.5 games (-106) - Stars lead 2-0

New York Islanders (+118)

Islanders -1.5 games (+200) - Islanders lead 1-0

Tampa Bay Lightning (-109)

Series over 5.5 games (-177) - Bruins lead 1-0

Vancouver Canucks (+220)

Canucks +1.5 games (+110) - Golden Knights lead 1-0

NBA Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 2-1

Props: 0-6

Bucks (-10000) - Bucks lead 3-1

Lakers (-420)

Lakers 4-1 (+240) - Lakers lead 3-1

Clippers (-530) - Series tied 2-2

Nuggets (-278) - Jazz lead 3-1

Thunder (+120)

Thunder 4-3 (+500) - Series tied 2-2


We're hot. Burning up the ice. I feel bad for the Zamboni crew. Working overtime. Alright, so maybe we've only won two straight bets, but two straight bets is better than zero straight. Plus, after that round one playoff performance, I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.

I'll start with the first game of the day. A lot of you are probably looking up at those NHL futures and going, "What the Hell, man?" It's okay. I really believe we're going to be okay. The Canucks are definitely going to struggle against Vegas, but this is a resilient team. Another team that is resilient? The Tampa Bay Lightning. They looked outmatched through the first two periods against the Bruins before they very nearly pulled off a miracle comeback late in the third period. I'm looking at this as a momentum booster for a team that certainly has the ability to defeat the opposition. Let's ride the hot finish into a hot start and take the Lightning at a really fair number to even up the series.

BET: Tampa Bay Lightning (-109)

But I'm not done with the NHL yet. I'm also going to go ahead and take the over in the late game. In game 1, the Canucks were totally overmatched and the final result showed that. But while I don't expect the Golden Knights to let up on the offensive side of things, I expect the Canucks to get going offensively. Remember, the Canucks had just one day in between their final game against the Blues and their first game against the Knights. Meanwhile, the Knights were nice and rested. I think that had a much bigger impact on the game than many realize. I'm not going to take the Canucks or their puck line until they prove me right, but I do think they're going to show a lot of life in this game.

BET: VAN/VGK over 5.5 goals

Back to the NBA!

Don't do it, Phil! You went 3-0 without it. Don't ruin everything you have. I can't help it.

I'm looking at two player props that I was pretty much going to take no matter what they ended up at.

The first player prop is Jamal Murray's. The only way the Nuggets have any chance of getting through this game and extending the series to a game 6 is if Murray goes off. He went off and it resulted in a 50 point performance, his best performance since the 36 he dropped in the game 1 victory. In games 2 and 3, he only managed 14 and 12 points, respectively. This might scare people away from his current number of 23.5. But remember, the Nuggets got absolutely annihilated in those games. I'd probably only take this another point higher, but Murray knows the only way that Denver can win is if he takes over and runs the pick and roll with Jokic. He's going to do just that and have himself a day.

BET: Jamal Murray over 23.5 points

I like the Clippers team total at 121.5, but I'm going to avoid it in case the Clippers end up winning this game by 20 points and go quiet in the fourth. I also like the Clippers -6.5, but the Mavericks can score at will, therefore I envision a back door cover in the future.

Instead, I'm going to stay in the Nuggets/Jazz series and take Murray's rival, Donovan Mitchell, to go over 27.5 points in this game. This seems way too low, and I don't think that the Nuggets are going to have an answer for Mitchell in this game. They haven't had one for him yet, and the only time he didn't go over 27.5 points was in the insane game 3 blowout. He still went for 20 and played only 27. He normally plays about 36. This game is not going to be a blowout. When crunch time hits Mitchell is going to go off.

BET: Donovan Mitchell over 27.5 points

One MLB bet!

For my last bet of the day, I'm going to take on a single MLB bet and see if we can start a little streak. I'm looking at the Pirates taking on the White Sox. The Pirates are putting Steven Brault on the mound, and the starter has yet to go over 5 innings this season. His last start was by far his best performance, a five-inning, two-hit start against the Tribe. He's only given up four runs this season, and all four of those runs were scored in the same game. However, the White Sox offense is a different animal. They hit home runs off of everyone, and I expect them to get to Brault much the way the Tigers did back on August 7th.

On the other side, the White Sox send Lucas Giolito to the bump. His last start was a great seven-inning, 13 strikeout, three-hit performance. However, he has been known to give up runs this season. He's given up 15 in five starts, and I think that if the Pirates can score just one run against him, then this F5 over is going to hit without even breaking a sweat.

BET: PIT/CWS F5 over 4.5 runs (-125)

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow for another edition of The Phive. For any fans of "On The Card" I will be back Wednesday morning with my next episode. If you want a take on another game, please feel free to DM me on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr, or contact me via the homepage.


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