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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (9/4)

What a great day for sports! The Raptors won on an OG buzzer-beater to tighten the series against the Celtics, the Flyers won a double-overtime thriller to force a Game 7, Thatcher Demko played lights out hockey to propel the Canucks over the Golden Knights, the FBS got underway, and the Nuggets stink. Like really stink. I'm talking Brian Fantana wearing Sex Panther stink. I get they played against arguably the best team in the NBA, but come on. The Nuggets don't deserve to be here right now. Their first series was fun to watch, but maybe the Jazz also just really stink and that's why the Nuggets were able to sneak by. Maybe I'm being unfair. They're tired. The Clippers are well-rested. The Clippers are really good. I don't care. Denver stinks.

Because Denver stinks, and the Diamondbacks didn't score (as promised) we went 3-0 today and now can turn our attention an action-packed Friday and the three series futures that we still have alive for the NHL.

The Flyers have me frightened right now. I'm a Flyers' fan so Game 6 was exciting, but they cost us a huge series prop, and I'm starting to worry they're going to cost us a series winner, too. Game 7 is going to be absolutely epic. That one isn't until Saturday.

If you listen to my podcast, you'll know that I think the Canucks are the most resilient team in the NHL. Was I right or was I right? I don't think the Canucks can win Game 7 because of the depth of the Golden Knights, but what a series this has been. Thatcher Demko has changed the very shape of this series, and the Golden Knights look legitimately frustrated right now. Van he somehow muster out a third win in four days? I'm rooting for the kid. Oh, and thanks for the prop winner. We needed that one.

As for the Avs and Stars, more on that in a moment.

Closed Bets:

Nuggets under 107.5 (W)

Clippers -8.5 (W)

Dodgers F5 -1.5 (+102) (W)

Canucks +1.5 games (+110) (W)

Islanders -1.5 games (+200) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 84-61 (21-16)

NBA 38-30 (4-6)

MLB 12-7 (5-1)

NHL 31-19 (11-8)

MLS 3-4 (1-1)

NCAAF 0-1 (0-0)

Notable: 58-42 in first 100 bets

NHL Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 8-1

Props: 4-8

Colorado Avalanche (-215) - Series tied 3-3

New York Islanders (+118) - Series tied 3-3

Vancouver Canucks (+220) - Series tied 3-3

NBA Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 6-2

Props: 1-7

Toronto Raptors (-152)

BOS/TOR series over 5.5 games (-235) - Celtics lead 2-1

Milwaukee Bucks (-385)

Bucks -1.5 (-195) - Heat lead 2-0

Los Angeles Clippers (-910)

Clippers 4-0 (+220) - Clippers lead series 1-0

One last NBA future

The final matchup to get going in the NBA Conference Semifinals pits the Lakers against the Rockets. In my opinion, this whole series is going to come down to whether or not Russell Westbrook cleans up his play. Either way, the Rockets could win a few games which is why picking a prop for this one is so difficult. Let's figure it out.

First of all, if the Rockets had won their series against the Thunder in five games, I would have picked them straight up in this series. However, going to Game 7 and looking as average as they did once they had Russ back scares me. The Lakers are starting to click as a team after their Game 1 loss to the Blazers, which is why I'm going with the Lakers no questions asked.

BET: Los Angeles Lakers (-670)

However, when looking for a series prop, I do like the Rockets to win at least one game, but can they win two? My initial worry with this series was that the Lakers weren't going to be able to score with the Rockets. But the issue now has become, how are the Rockets going to score at a high rate when they're playing every other day and heavily rely on the three-point shot. We see it happen all the time. Great shooting teams start to fall apart as the playoffs extend, and that generally happens even when there are more days off in between games. The Rockets have the talent to compete with the Lakers, but I don't think they're going to have the stamina.

The Rockets are going to win at least one game. I've already said that. But can they win two? Decisions, decisions...

BET: Total games over 5.5 (+110)

As for today...

Hockey is all about momentum and right now, the Colorado Avalanche have it all. They're playing phenomenally on the offensive end and Michael Hutchison was just what the doctor ordered in goal. Meanwhile, the Stars look lost right now. Offensively, they can't figure out how to crack Hutchison, and no matter who they put in goal it's not working. The Stars could absolutely win this game, but based on what I've seen in the last two games, the Avalanche aren't going to be denied.

BET: Colorado Avalanche (-135)

You know what else won't be denied? Goals. I know we lost it last time, but we lost it by a goal in a game that was an absolute blowout. This is Game 7, and I'm expecting the offenses to throw everything at the wall in this game. Both teams know how good the other is offensively, so they can't afford to sit on a one or two-goal lead. This series has been all about comebacks and because of it, I expect the scoring opportunities to come often. And against two goalies that have been known to give up goals, give me the offense.

BET: COL/DAL over 6 goals

For my only other bet of the day, I'm going to go ahead and take the Rockets spread. While I felt that the Nuggets had no life after their Game 7 victory, I don't feel the same way about the Rockets. The Rockets are going to be relieved to have moved on to the second round, and I actually think they're going to play a little looser in the series-opener of a series that they're not really supposed to win. Against the Thunder, they felt the pressure. I don't think they feel that same heat here. Plus, I don't trust the Lakers off a long break.

BET: Rockets +6.5

That's all I have for today. I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of The Phive. If you have any questions or want a read on any games, hit me up on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr.


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