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The Phive - "5" Daily Sports Bets (8/7)

Six out seven days doing The Phive have seen me go above .500. Let that sink in. The only losing day was when I went 2-3, which is not nearly as disastrous as a 1-4 or 0-5 mark. Avoiding those at all costs is what it's all about. If you've been betting with me you've left every day except one with at least a 60% win percentage. This means you won money even if some of the lines had inflated juice.

Last night, I recorded the third episode of "On The Card" so if you haven't gotten a chance to listen to that yet, you should. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysFYUDPOz9E I even put the link right here, so all you have to do is click. Right now, I'm recording the show twice a week, but as you'll hear me discuss, there is a really good chance I will start doing it more often going forward, at least while the NBA and NHL bubbles are in full swing.

To give you even more incentive to not skip my show, I'm only doing three bets today, and none of them show up in the episode. Also, doing more than three bets without repeats would mean I'm just guessing. I only want to give you bets that I like. On the episode, I discussed 12 different bets! 12! Get over there and listen, and win some money. I'm currently 17-9 over there. There's no reason not to be following along in both places.

As for today, the Phree doesn't really have the same ring to it, plus it's a mispronunciation. So we keep the name, and though there are only three bets, if you listen to the YouTube show, you're getting 15.

Here's where we stand.

Yesterdays Bets:

OAK/TEX over 8.5 runs (W)

Trail Blazers (-4) (W)

Zion Williamson over 19.5 (W)

Pelicans -4 (L)

Minnesota United to advance (-106) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 24-14 (1-4)

NBA 17-6 (0-1)

MLB 3-2

NHL 2-3 (0-2)

MLS 2-3 (1-1)

Futures in the mix:

Trail Blazers over 3.5 wins (+120) - 3 wins, 4 games left

Trail Blazers 8-seed (+400) - 9th place, .5 game back of Memphis

Because I'm giving you three fresh bets, they're going to be primarily lines that didn't exist last night when I recorded "On The Card". That means you have two MLB bets and one NBA player prop coming your way in three... two...

MLB heater continues!

If you've been following along, then you know we've hit three straight MLB bets. Pretty good for someone who started 0-2. I talked about a few MLB bets over "On The Card", but I'm going to discuss a few more here because frankly, I don't love the NBA today.

We begin with the Washington Nationals taking on the Baltimore Orioles, in a game that the Nationals should have no problem dominating. The Orioles just lost four straight to the Marlins and will be rewarded by taking on Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez got hammered in his first start against the Blue Jays, but the Orioles are not the Blue Jays. The Orioles put Tommy Milone on the mound, who actually looked pretty good in his last start against the Rays. However, Milone still has an ERA of 5.63, and I like Sanchez to bounce back for the Nationals. I'm not sure how high scoring this will be, but I expect Washington to get their runs. This run line of -1.5 actually has juice of +100. Anytime you can get that against the Orioles, you take it.

BET: Washington Nationals -1.5 (+100)

Next, I'm looking at a game that most of America won't be looking at. The Pittsburgh Pirates vs the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers are putting Matthew Boyd on the mound, and in both of his previous starts he has given up four earned runs. Yes, he is taking on the Pirates today, but the Pirates managed to put up 6 against the Twins last night. Chad Kuhl gets the start for the Pirates marking his first in two seasons. When a reliever steps up to the starting role, things change. I like things to change for Kuhl early in this game as the Tigers put some runs on the board. Everything is pointing to runs being scored in this game. Because of it, I have to take a deceivingly low over.

BET: DET/PIT over 8.5 runs

NBA Player Prop!

I tend to do really well on these, but they always come out so late that I find myself normally failing to write about all the ones I like. In the bubble, it hasn't been so much about matchups, but rather who has the hot hand. Right now, one of the hottest hands belongs to Fred VanVleet. Many may worry that the Raptors won't play him his usual minutes since they're essentially locked into the two seed, but I expect him to play for at least 30, and with how he's been shooting, getting 18 or more points in that timeframe is more than doable. In fact, it's likely. Ride the hot hands in the bubble, and you'll find yourself making money.

BET: Fred VanVleet over 17.5 points

That's it for today's shortened edition of The Phive! If you tuned into "On The Card" good luck with all 15 bets laid out before you. If you didn't, good luck with these three and go over and check out the show.

If the bets are working for you, please tweet this link so more people start to notice. We've been on quite a hot streak, so why not have more people on board? If you have any questions drop me a line @Phil_Wood_Jr, or use the home page here to message me. I also tend to tweet out any lines that stand out to me that I don't notice until after I write this up.

See everyone tomorrow.

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