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The Phive - 5 Daily Sports Bets (8/8)

Good news everyone, The Phive returns with five bets after only three yesterday. Even better news, "On The Card" over on the TRHS Sports YouTube channel is now going to be daily until the NBA and NHL schedules start to get a little bit more manageable, or even more likely, when the playoffs end for both sports.

So what does that mean for The Phive? It will still be daily, but now will be posted at night, since I will be recording "On The Card" in the morning. This also means that The Phive is going to focus on five bets that I feel are great because of their opening lines. There may be some repetition over "On The Card", but I'll be talking about the lines as they stand in the morning, not where they are now. To sum it up: The Phive is taking an early look at bets that seem to have to-good-to-be-true or solid lines, that I fear are going to move in a direction that makes the bets seem less appealing. Make sense? Great.

As for today's bets, it was terribly meh. The record was just 1-2. The Nationals played possibly the worst game I've ever seen them play, while VanVleet and the Raptors decided that they didn't really want to play.

Meanwhile, Detroit vs Pittsburgh was never in doubt.

Here's where things stand.

Yesterdays Bets:

DET/PIT over 8.5 runs (W)

Fred VanVleet over 17.5 points (L)

Washington Nationals -1.5 (+100) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 25-16 (1-5)

NBA 17-7 (0-1)

MLB 4-3 (0-1)

NHL 2-3 (0-2)

MLS 2-3 (1-1)

Futures in the mix:

Trail Blazers over 3.5 wins (+120) - 3 wins, 4 games left

Trail Blazers 8-seed (+400) - 9th place, 1 game back of Memphis

Back to our winning ways!

Yesterday was a bad day. "On The Card" was full of a bunch of close calls. The Yankees don't score. Two 12 seeds knock off five seeds. The Blackhawks and Oilers score just one goal over the final half-hour of their game. So frustrating. But let's go back to the teams we know.

I love the Blazers tomorrow. We're seeing motivation start to play a serious role in these bubble games, and right now the Blazers have all the motivation in the world. With the Grizzlies winning today, the Blazers need a win. The Clippers have nothing to play for. Absolutely nothing. We saw what they looked like against the Suns when the Suns had everything to play for. We saw what the Raptors looked like yesterday against the Celtics. Motivation is huge here. Blazers as two-possession dogs is too good to pass up.

BET: Portland Trail Blazers +4.5

I was expecting to see the Avalanche as huge favorites over the Golden Knights tomorrow, but instead, we're seeing them barely favored at all. The Knights have been scoring like crazy, but their goaltending has been less than desirable. I think this line looks the way it does because the Knights are simply a more exciting team to watch than the Avs right now. In these playoff games, I am inclined to give the advantage to teams that play better defense. In this situation, that team is the Avs.

BET: Colorado Avalanche (-110)

Another hockey bet I'm looking at is in the only other game of the day. I like the Lightning and the Flyers to go under 6 goals. I'm surprised to see this higher than 5.5, especially since both Lightning games only went to five goals and this is by far the best defensive team they're facing since the restart. The Flyers have given up just one goal in each of their games. That streak may end here, which is why I'm not picking a side, but I have to go with the under here. It just makes the most sense.

BET: PHI/TB under 6 goals

Next, I'm going to the MLB. Baseball is slowly becoming the easiest of all these sports to predict. For this one, I'm looking at the Dodgers and the Giants. The Dodgers are throwing Clayton Kershaw on the mound for his second start of the season. His first was predictably great. Meanwhile, the Giants are putting Johnny Cueto on the mound. Cueto has not looked good this season. The Dodgers offense should be able to tee off on him. You could go with the first five innings or the full game run line. I'm going with the first five considering Kershaw likely won't go more than six no matter how well he pitches.

This Iine won't get bigger but the price will likely get worse.

BET: First 5 innings LAD -1.5 (-104)

For my final bet of the night, I'm looking again at an MLB first five innings bet. This time I'm checking out San Diego and Arizona. This game has pitcher's duel written all over it. The last time Zach Davies took on the Diamondbacks he went 5.2, giving up just three hits and zero runs. This was by far the best start of his season, but the Diamondbacks offense hasn't gotten better since that game. On the other side, Merill Kelly is getting the start and he has been lights out so far this season. He's got a 2.67 ERA and is good for at least six innings. Because of that, and because neither offense has been overly impressive this season, I'm going with the first five-inning under. This number, like the Dodgers number, likely won't change, but the price is going to keep inflating. Get in now.

BET: First 5 innings ARZ/SD under 4.5 (-120)

That's it for today's edition of The Phive. Join me tomorrow morning at 9am PT for another episode of "On The Card". If you have any questions or want to hear my take on another game, please send me a message on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr.


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