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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (8/18)

Welcome back to The Phive. It's been a little while since I gave you some free daily bets. The last time out we got an easy Indians F5 winner, and over the weekend the Blazers eight-seed future finally came to fruition. The odds were +400 on that one. I really hope you took my advice and cashed in. If you did, you're incredibly happy right now.

Tomorrow marks day number two of the NBA playoffs, so it's time to finally get back on track with our NBA bets. Right now, we're an astonishing 70% since the restart. That's pretty amazing through 30 bets.

On a side note, someone asked me if the record here included any bets from On The Card. It does, but only for the bets that I actually write about. The record you're seeing below is only based on bets that I've explicitly advised to bet on The Phive. The record you hear on my show is strictly from bets discussed On The Card. There is a little overlap, but the records are individual. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, here's where we stand.

Today's Bets:

Trail Blazers 8-seed (+400) (W)

Cleveland Indians F5 -1.5 (+140) (W)

Record to this point:

Total 39-24 (6-6)

NBA 21-9 (2-1)

MLB 7-5 (1-1)

NHL 8-6 (2-3)

MLS 3-4 (1-1)

Hopping off the Blazers

Right now, everyone is feeling the Blazers. What Damien Lillard was able to accomplish in the seeding games, and then in the clinching game against the Grizzlies, was incredible. However, the Lakers are better than any team they faced in the seeding games. Yes, any team. I get that the Lakers have looked really bad in the bubble, but they are still a team with an incredible amount of talent and are about to play their first meaningful game since the opener against the Clippers.

Meanwhile, the Blazers defense is atrocious. They don't play it. They blew it against the Clippers' backups, then against the Nets gave up 133 points and very nearly choked away their playoff berth. I don't like what I'm seeing from them, even if Dame has been playing out of his mind. What's going to happen against the best defense they've faced to this point? They're going to lose. They don't play seriously enough for long enough to be seen as a threat to the Lakers. The spread is moving the direction I expected it to. I'll keep watching the number move in my favor as I gobble it up.

BET: Lakers -5.5

Give me the Pacers

I feel like they're being disrespected right now. TJ Warren is dealing with plantar fasciitis, but it's looking very likely that he will be ready to go for tomorrow's game against the Heat. I believe that the Heat are the better team over a seven-game series, but I like the Pacers to steal a game here and there. Right now, they're two-possession dogs against a team that I feel they are very evenly matched against. Because of that, I'm going to expect Warren to put together an incredible individual performance, something we've seen a lot on this first day of the playoffs, and keep the Pacers close. Give me the points in a game I think the Pacers can win.

BET: Pacers +4

Scoring is the flavor of the bubble

Normally, defenses tighten up when the playoffs start. However, that has not been the case at all in the first day of action. Maybe it's because there aren't fans, maybe it's because all the games are being played on the same court, I'm not sure. Either way, teams are scoring and scoring rather easily, which I think will continue on day two.

Therefore, I'm going to place two bets on the OKC/HOU game. I like the Thunder to get the win over the Rockets in this first game with Russ out. Eric Gordon is back, but I still think that the Thunder are the better team in this matchup, and especially in this game. If the Thunder don't take this one, they don't have much of a chance in the series. I'll take the Thunder as small favorites, and because of my previous statement regarding points in the bubble, I will take the over as well in what I expect to be one of the more competitive games of the first round.

BET: Thunder -1.5

BET: OKC/HOU over 225

One NHL bet

For this one, I'm going to take a look at the Flyers and the Canadiens. If you watched game three, you watched an absolutely terrible hockey game that saw the Flyers come out on top with a 1-0 victory. Both teams looked absolutely exhausted, which I guess is to be expected at this point, but I still am concerned about the offensive effort from both bunches. Because of that, I'm not confident in either side, but I like the goalies, who have both been playing very well, to get it done in this one against weak offensive chances.

BET: PHI/MTL under 5 (+100)

That's all I have for today's edition of The Phive. Make sure to check me out tomorrow morning "On The Card" on the TRHS Sports YouTube channel. If you have any questions, or want a read on a game, please feel free to message me on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr.


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