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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (8/20)

The NHL bubble just got a lot more socially distant. The Lightning, Avalanche, and Bruins all advanced, meaning that the bubble has officially been cut in half. Just 12 teams remain, and luckily for me out here on the West Coast, I think that means I'm done with the 9 am games. How am I doing with my NHL futures? Pretty good actually. Right now, I'm sitting at 5-4, and have correctly predicted the winner of three of the four series to go final thus far. Based on how the series are lined up, I expect to go 6-2 at worst. Not bad at all.

Individually, we hit both our NHL bets for the day. The Lightning moneyline got sketchy for a bit. The Avalanche -1.5 did not. Wow, the Coyotes are terrible. They had no business being in this final 16. I will never understand how they beat the Avs even once.

How about the NBA?

Well, I certainly wasn't right about Denver. Yikes, they look far inferior to the Jazz. The Jazz offense really looked good in game 2, which is going to be a serious problem for the Nuggets moving forward if they don't get their defense together.

The Celtics absolutely decimated the 76ers, and as I expected all along, Philadelphia is not nearly good enough to compete with Boston. The Clippers looked bad again. It's time for me to stop assuming good teams that played bad and won learned their lesson. On to the next one.

Here's where we stand. We have a lot of bets that went final today due to three NHL series going final.

Closed Bets:

Tampa Bay Lightning ML (-180) (W)

Tampa Bay Lightning (-220) (W)

TB/CBJ under 5.5 games (+120) (W)

Colorado Avalanche (-250) (W)

Series under 5.5 games (+104) (W)

Avalanche -1.5 (+125) (W)

Celtics - 4.5 (W)

Flyers in 5 (+335) (L)

Clippers -6.5 (L)

Nuggets -3.5 (L)

Carolina Hurricanes (+135) (L)

Over 5.5 games (-175) (L)

Record to this point:

Total 49-33 (10-8)

NBA 23-14 (2-1)

MLB 7-5 (1-1)

NHL 16-10 (6-5)

MLS 3-4 (1-1)

NHL Playoff Futures

Series Winners: 3-1

Props: 2-3

Philadelphia Flyers (-240) - Flyers lead 3-2

New York Islanders (+150)

NYI/WAS series over 5.5 (-167) - Islanders lead 3-1

Dallas Stars (-136)

Stars in 6 (+525) - Stars lead 3-2

Vancouver Canucks (+165)

Series over 6.5 games (+205) - Series tied 2-2

Taking the day off (okay, there is one bet)

I need a day to just sit back and watch the NBA without an ulterior rooting motivation. I'm off right now, and I think it's because I'm not actually watching the games for anything other than winning a specific bet. Considering how poorly I did with the Tuesday games, I don't think it would be fair to any of you if I sat here and told you that I liked one side or the other. My leans are to the Lakers, Bucks, Rockets, and Pacers. Book it as 4-0.

As for that one promised bet. Here you go:

BET: Cleveland Indians lead after 3 innings (-106)

You want my reasoning right? I hope so. Don't just blindly accept bets. Shane Bieber is on the mound for the Indians, and anytime I can get that, I love the Indians. Bieber has started to give up some home runs, but they've mostly been harmless. You know what else is harmless? The Pirates' offense. Trevor Williams is on the mound for the Pirates, and while he's actually been quite good of late, I like the Indians to score at least one run off of him early. This will allow Bieber to settle in and shut down the toothless offense.

The one downside to this bet is that if it ends in a tie, you lose, but the odds are really great for something that is likely to happen. I thought it would have been favored by more, but as a 3-way bet, I guess it's not surprising to see Vegas eating it a bit here.

That's it for today. We will get back to it tomorrow. I think I have a better feel for how the four NBA series that were played today are going to go, so hopefully, I can make more educated picks. I won't be recording "On the Card" tomorrow. Like I said, I need a day to regroup and just take note of some things.

If you have any questions or want to hear my take on a game, feel free to message me @Phil_Wood_Jr. See you tomorrow!


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