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The Phive - Free Daily Sports Bets (8/29)

This is an early one, but I'm just so excited that I couldn't wait. It looks like we're going to have a full slate of games tomorrow after the NBA, NHL, and MLB boycotted games over the last few days to stand up to social injustice.

And not only will the three most popular professional sports currently in season be in action, but we're also getting our first college football of the season. That's right. College football is back! College football. After the insanity of the last five months, it is actually here.

If you listened to "On The Card" on the TRHS Sports YouTube channel this past Wednesday, then you'll know that we had an outstanding 3-1 day with our NHL and MLB bets. In the last 13 bets I've made both in this blog and On The Card, I am an absolutely outstanding 11-2. The hot hand looks to stay hot as we have more games Saturday than expected due to rescheduling.

Here's where we stand:

Record to this point: Total 66-49 (14-12) NBA 28-24 (2-4) MLB 10-7 (3-1) NHL 25-14 (9-6) MLS 3-4 (1-1) Notable: 58-42 in first 100 bets NHL Playoff Futures Series Winners: 7-1 Props: 3-5 Colorado Avalanche (-215) Colorado Avalance -1.5 games (-106) - Stars lead 2-1 New York Islanders (+118) Islanders -1.5 games (+200) - Islanders lead 1-0 Tampa Bay Lightning (-109) Series over 5.5 games (-177) - Series tied 1-1 Vancouver Canucks (+220) Canucks +1.5 games (+110) - Series tied 1-1 NBA Playoff Futures Series Winners: 2-1 Props: 0-6 Bucks (-10000) - Bucks lead 3-1 Lakers (-420) Lakers 4-1 (+240) - Lakers lead 3-1 Clippers (-530) - Clippers lead 3-2 Nuggets (-278) - Jazz lead 3-2 Thunder (+120) Thunder 4-3 (+500) - Series tied 2-2 Toronto Raptors (-152) BOS/TOR series over 5.5 games (-235)

Full slate of NHL

The Bruins are done. Am I being too harsh? Maybe. But the Bruins have a serious goalie issue, and if there is one thing that has been fairly consistent throughout NHL history, it's that if your goalie can't keep the puck out of the net, then your team isn't moving on to the next round. Jaroslav Halak does not have time to have a bad game. The Bruins simply cannot afford it with Tuukka Rask out of the bubble for personal reasons. And yet, Halak has looked uncomfortable. The Lightning had won all of their games since the restart by one goal. Then they unloaded for a seven-goal onslaught in game 2 of the series. Not all of those goals came against Halak, but enough of them did. We will see how the Bruins' offense responds in game 3, but I like the Lightning to take a 2-1 series lead against a team that is currently reeling.

BET: Tampa Bay Lightning (-110)

For my next two bets, I'll be sticking in the NHL. First, I love the Islanders in game 3. The Flyers jumped out to a 3-0 lead, yet blew it late and allowed the Islanders to force overtime. Ultimately, Philly pulled out the win, but through two games, the Islanders have looked like the better team for five periods. I like them to take it Philly in this game, or at least not fall behind by three goals. If New York can at least keep the game close, they will scrap their way to a victory over a team that they're currently better than.

BET: New York Islanders (-114)

For the final game, I'm going against the grain and taking the under when the Knights and Canucks face off in game 3. In each of their previous two contests, at least one team has scored five goals, which is giving the illusion that that is the norm. Yes, the Knights can outscore anyone in this league, but I'm not convinced that the Canucks' defense is as bad as it was in game 1, especially after seeing them in game 2. Meanwhile, the Canucks are never going to score five against this team again. I'm expecting this game to be in the realm of 4-1 or 3-2, and since the number is at six, even if we get a frustrating empty netter late, I'll take the push in what I consider a worst-case scenario.

BET: VGK/VAN under 6 goals

College Football is back!!!!!

So maybe you're not exactly thrilled to watch Central Arkansas and Austin Peay, well I am. Football is back, and after the chaos of the last five months, it is more than welcome. I'm a firm believer that once football gets underway, it will face obstacles but we will ultimately crown both an NFL and FBS champion.

Tomorrow neither of those leagues are playing. Instead, the season gets started with an FCS matchup that I honestly think is going to break betting records. Sports fans are starving for football right now, and this game, no matter how awful it is, is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

Now, let me be honest. I don't know a single thing about either of these teams. Not a thing. I won't even pretend I researched this game. So be cautious about tailing me. However, I'm taking the over. Why? Because two months ago I thought football had no chance of being played, and now I'm going to get to watch it before the calendar turns to September. What's more fun than watching football and rooting for points? I honestly don't have an answer. Hopefully, these teams have offenses that can at least put up points. Though, even if I lose this bet, it's going to be incredibly fun.

BET: Austin Peay/Central Arkansas over 45.5 points

That's all I have for today. WAIT! But what about the NBA? I'm going to wait until tomorrow to see what the lines move to. We've never seen a situation before where teams have literally decided to not play, and therefore, I don't know how to handicap this. I'm going to sleep on it, then discuss it all "On The Card" tomorrow morning on the TRHS Sports YouTube channel. Be sure to tune in! We have some great things planned over there for the future!

As always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr. See you all tomorrow.


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