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Week 6 NFL / NCAAF Recap

Updated: Oct 28

NFL Week 7 was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, the week that I don't give my full slate of picks is the week that I go 11-2 overall. I crushed it. Went up 18 units on the week and now am looking to continue that hot hand into next week.

On the paid subscription side, the overall result was a gain of 5.48 units. That includes both NCAA and NFL. It also includes prop bets, which we did really well on. Here is a link to sign up for this week's slate. It seems we've finally figured out the model and hopefully will continue to put these .500 weeks behind us.

Here's what happened in the NFL.



Titans -3.5

Bears/Panthers under 44.5

Cardinals -1

49ers +3.5

Robert Woods TD (+146)

Darrell Henderson over 46.5 rushing yards

Fulgham TD (+300)


Lions/Jags over 54.5

Randall Cobb over 44.5 receiving yards

As I said, it was a very good week. We add the props in just ahead of game time and our subscribers certainly weren't disappointed with them this week. In terms of the ATS and total plays, the only winner that was even close was the Titans -3.5 and that was because they blew a massive lead. For the losers, I'm not too disappointed in the loss on the Lions/Jags over, but do wish that I would have just taken the Lions spread (which was one of my plays for BettingPros). Either way, it was a fantastic NFL week and it was nice to get things going in the right direction.

On the college football side, we went just 3-3. It was frustrating to say the least. I was all over Georgia and UNC to cover their spreads. I was CONFIDENT. I still think that the Georgia bet was a good bet, even though the result was obviously not what I wanted. After falling behind 27-24, Stetson Bennett led the Bulldogs right down the field but threw an interception. However, the defense didn't break and held the Crimson Tide to a field goal.

Oh, wait. That's right. The refs called a total BS pass interference that put the game out of reach for Georgia. I'm not saying Georgia wins the game if that PI isn't called, I'm just saying it changed everything and from there on Alabama firmly had momentum.

As for UNC, it'd be nice if the media would stop telling me they're good. They're not. The same goes for Notre Dame, but let's not pick on them just yet. The Florida State Seminoles are really, really bad, but UNC made them look like Jameis was back under center. It was a pitiful performance and they should not be ranked in the top 25, let alone the top 15.

The other loss was Tennessee -6. That was just a horrible miss.

As for the winners. We had BYU -5, Miami/Pitt over 47.5, and NC State -4.5 over the Blue Devils. It wasn't a great weekend, but 3-3 is better than a losing record and with how the NFL played out, I'm happy with the performance.

If you're interested in getting my best plays of the week, be sure to click the link above. If you're still not convinced about my NCAAF plays, you could always just buy the weeknight special or the NFL package. There are plenty of options. Any questions, reach out to me on Twitter @Phil_Wood_Jr


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